Spectacular Piano Duet Performance Set to Enchant Audiences at SUNY Fredonia

by Madonna

Jamestown residents Boaz Mecham and Aaron Mecham are poised to deliver a captivating piano duet performance this Saturday at 8 p.m., gracing the stage of King Concert Hall at SUNY Fredonia. The duo is set to enthrall the audience with two mesmerizing movements from the renowned Poulenc Concerto for Two Pianos, performed in harmony with the full College Symphony Orchestra, led by the talented conductor, Dr. Emily Schaad.

The exceptional talents of these two students have been recognized as they emerged victorious in the SUNY Fredonia Concerto Competition last semester. Their remarkable achievement has earned them the prestigious opportunity to collaborate with the full college orchestra this semester, promising a night of exquisite musical enchantment.


This performance carries a deep emotional significance for Boaz and Aaron Mecham, as it stands as a heartfelt tribute to their piano teacher, the late Helga Hulse, who was their guiding light during their time in her studio. In her final years, these young gentlemen forged a profound bond with Mrs. Hulse, dedicating countless hours to open-ended piano lessons, sharing life stories, and cherishing each other’s company.


Acknowledgments are extended to their current piano Professor at SUNY Fredonia, Father Sean Duggan, who played a pivotal role in preparing them to win the competition and grace the stage for the upcoming concert. In the twilight of her life, Helga entrusted these young talents to Professor Sean Duggan, who had the privilege of learning from Hulse and had been a long-standing acquaintance.


Boaz and Aaron, both seventeen years old and currently in their junior year at SUNY Fredonia, are diligently pursuing double major degrees in piano and violin performance. Their commitment to excellence was previously showcased in 2019 when they emerged victorious in the 10th season of “Chautauqua’s Got Talent” competition held at the Spire Theater in Jamestown.

The best part of this musical extravaganza? It’s open to all, and admission is free. This Saturday, prepare to be transported into a world of musical wonder as the duet of Boaz and Aaron Mecham, alongside the College Symphony Orchestra, deliver a performance that promises to be nothing short of magical.


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