Lizzo’s Dream Realized: Joins Incubus Onstage, Dazzles with Her Flute

by Madonna

In an exhilarating moment that marked a teenage dream fulfilled, the sensational artist Lizzo took to the stage alongside the iconic rock band Incubus. Known for her chart-topping hit “Truth Hurts,” Lizzo’s deep-rooted admiration for the California rock band became a vivid reality when she shared the stage with them. At the age of 35, Melissa Viviane Jefferson, famously known as Lizzo, wowed the audience as Incubus performed at the renowned Hollywood Bowl, marking the grand finale of their 2023 tour. Lizzo’s ethereal flute performance was the highlight of the evening as she harmoniously played alongside the band during their rendition of “Aqueous Transmission.”

For Lizzo, this collaboration was more than just a musical moment; it was the realization of a profound dream. In an Instagram post sharing an audience member’s video of her enchanting performance alongside Incubus lead singer Brandon Boyd, Lizzo exclaimed, “Those who know me… KNOW. This is BEYOND a dream and FULL CIRCLE.”


Lizzo’s affection for Incubus runs deep, as she revealed to her nearly 13 million followers. She recounted seeing Incubus perform two decades ago at Woodlands Pavilion in Texas and declared her unwavering admiration for the band since their 1997 album, “S.C.I.E.N.C.E.” Naming her trusty flute Sasha, Lizzo playfully added, “I WAS A PUDDLE ON THE FLOOR — thank you INCUBUS for everything but also for inviting me on stage and making my childhood dreams come true [sparkling heart emojis].”


At the culmination of their electrifying performance, Lizzo embraced Brandon Boyd and electrified the audience by exclaiming into the microphone, “Give it up for motherf—ing Incubus!!!”


Lizzo later took to social media to share joyful moments of her jamming out to the concert with friends in the audience. She also posted a clip featuring her alongside Brandon Boyd and band members Mike Einziger, Chris Kilmore, José Pasillas, and Nicole Row, with Row substituting for bassist Ben Kenney during their 2023 tour. In the clip, as Brandon thanked her, Lizzo cheekily responded, “Oh my god, stop! Don’t even thank me anymore. I’m gonna punch you in the face! Don’t thank me anymore! Thank you!”

Incubus, in turn, expressed their appreciation for Lizzo’s presence on stage at the Hollywood Bowl, taking to their Instagram account to write: “Was an honor to share the stage with you. [flute emoji, cheers emoji].” Incubus’ 2023 tour featured opening acts Paris Jackson and BADFLOWER. The band is set to perform at SEMA Fest in Las Vegas in November and is gearing up for an Australian tour in 2024.

Lizzo, on her part, recently concluded her own Special Tour in July. Amid her musical successes, she faced a legal challenge when a group of former backup dancers sued her, alleging hostile work conditions and sexual harassment. Lizzo vehemently refuted these claims, denouncing them as “false” and “sensationalized.” Her indomitable spirit continues to shine, as her extraordinary musical journey reaches new heights.


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