Morpeth Music Society Season Commences with Clarinet and Piano Recital

by Madonna

The Morpeth Music Society’s highly anticipated new season is set to kick off in grand style with a captivating clarinet and piano recital featuring the talents of Mark Simpson and Richard Uttley. This musical soirée promises to usher in a season filled with enchanting performances and harmonious melodies.

Mark Simpson, a prodigious musician of unparalleled distinction, holds the unique distinction of being named both the Young Musician of the Year and the Young Composer of the Year. His remarkable talents will be on full display during this evening of musical brilliance.


The concert, an auditory delight for connoisseurs of classical music, will grace the serene setting of Morpeth Methodist Church, commencing at 7:30 PM on Thursday, October 19. Attendees can look forward to a splendid program that includes renditions of Mark’s own compositions, infused with his artistic ingenuity. Additionally, the evening will be adorned with the melodious charm of two clarinet and piano sonatas by the illustrious Johannes Brahms.


For the younger enthusiasts of classical music, a generous offer awaits. Entry to this mesmerizing musical event is free for those aged 18 or under, providing a golden opportunity to experience the magic of live classical music.


The concert holds a special dedication to Alan MacDonald, a cherished figure in the Morpeth Music Society. Alan’s unwavering support and commitment to the society, coupled with his role as a past chairman, have left an indelible mark. In a heartwarming gesture, he bequeathed a substantial legacy to the society, furthering its mission of bringing classical music to the community.

This clarinet and piano recital by Mark Simpson and Richard Uttley is the perfect inaugural note for what promises to be an exceptional season of musical excellence by the Morpeth Music Society. Join us for an unforgettable evening of artistic splendor.


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