Lizzo Joins Incubus in Surprise LA Performance, Fulfilling a “Childhood Dream”

by Madonna

LOS ANGELES: Lizzo, the Grammy-winning pop sensation, made an unexpected appearance alongside iconic rock band Incubus during their Hollywood Bowl performance in Los Angeles, marking her first live performance since a legal dispute in August involving her former backup dancers.

The rock legends invited the multi-talented singer, aged 35, to join them for a surprise appearance at their recent show. Fans captured captivating footage of Lizzo, donned in a see-through lace dress and gold jewelry, playing the flute during Incubus’s 2001 hit “Aqueous Transmission.”


In the fan-recorded clip, the “Truth Hurts” singer enchanted the audience as she stood alongside Incubus’s frontman, Brandon Boyd, contributing her flute melodies and occasional backing vocals to the ethereal track. “Aqueous Transmission” is a standout from the band’s 2001 album “Morning View,” which was recently re-released.


Lizzo took to Instagram to share her excitement, expressing how significant the guest appearance was for her. In her caption, she revealed, “This is BEYOND a dream and FULL CIRCLE.” She reminisced about seeing Incubus perform 20 years ago and how performing “Aqueous Transmission” on stage with them at the Hollywood Bowl was a surreal moment.


Incubus also expressed their appreciation on Instagram, sharing photos of Lizzo’s joyous interaction with the band. In a post, they thanked her for joining them on stage, emphasizing what an honor it was.

This surprise performance marked a significant moment in Lizzo’s career, as it was her first time performing since former backup dancers filed a lawsuit against her in August. The lawsuit involved allegations of body-shaming and inappropriate behavior during a club visit in Amsterdam.

In a subsequent lawsuit filed in September by fashion designer Asha Daniels, it was alleged that Lizzo, despite promoting body positivity, fostered a “racist and sexualized” work environment. Lizzo’s representatives dismissed these claims as “bogus” and “absurd.”

Lizzo formally denied the accusations and requested a jury trial in response, emphasizing her commitment to promoting body positivity and maintaining a safe workplace. The legal dispute is ongoing.

Despite the legal challenges, Lizzo’s surprise appearance with Incubus marked a triumphant return to the stage, reaffirming her passion for music and her dedication to her fans.


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