Experience the Rhythmic Spectacle of Drum Up JB! in Johor on October 14

by Madonna

KUALA LUMPUR: Celebrating the rich tapestry of Malaysian culture, including its diverse musical traditions, the highly-anticipated event, “Drum Up JB!” is set to enthral arts enthusiasts at the Permaisuri Zarith Sofiah Opera House in Johor Baru on October 14.

This dynamic 90-minute drumming spectacle, brought to life by Kuala Lumpur-based Orang Orang Drum Theatre (OODT) and Johor’s JB Drums, promises an electrifying experience with two distinctive themes – “24 Festive Drums” and “LaguKu.”


The first segment, “24 Festive Drums,” showcases an ensemble of 24 drums, each representing the 24 festivals in the lunar calendar that have guided Chinese farmers for centuries. In 2009, this mesmerizing performance earned recognition as a Malaysian National Intangible Cultural Heritage, solidifying its status as a cultural treasure.


The second segment, “LaguKu,” delves into the rich tapestry of Malaysian identity, intertwining values, cultures, and experiences through a melange of traditional musical instruments and folk songs sung in various local languages.


Adding depth to the already explosive energy of the percussion ensemble, the performance incorporates impressive theatrical elements, including multimedia sensory effects and cutting-edge lighting designs, enhancing the auditory and visual dimensions of the show.

The realization of “Drum Up JB!” is made possible through the Arts for All Seasons (ArtsFAS) grant, generously provided by Yayasan Hasanah, in collaboration with the Finance Ministry. This initiative serves as a dedicated platform to preserve Malaysia’s diverse arts, heritage, and culture, ensuring their continued vitality.

Prepare to be spellbound by the rhythmic magic of “Drum Up JB!” as it brings to life the soulful essence of Malaysia’s vibrant cultural heritage on October 14th.


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