Renowned Pianist Konstantin Shamray Returns to Montville’s Lucas Parklands

by Madonna

Montville, Queensland – Distinguished Russian concert pianist Konstantin Shamray is set to grace his favorite Queensland performance venue, Lucas Parklands in Montville, with a series of exceptional concerts in mid-September.

Born in Siberia, Konstantin Shamray will take center stage alongside fellow pianist Daniel Le for three unique concerti performances on September 16 and 17. The program promises to be a captivating musical journey, featuring some of Konstantin’s cherished concerti.


The repertoire for these special performances includes:

  • Rachmaninov’s ‘The Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini’
  • Liszt’s ‘Totentanz,’ where Daniel Le will perform the orchestral reduction alongside Konstantin.
  • Gershwin’s ‘Rhapsody in Blue,’ with Daniel Le as the soloist and Konstantin contributing as an associated artist playing the orchestral reduction.

Ian Lucas, the proprietor of Lucas Parklands, expressed his excitement at welcoming Konstantin Shamray back to their venue. He praised Konstantin as Australia’s preeminent concert pianist and expressed his delight at the pianist’s frequent visits. “He always finds a way to play here once or twice a year, and that’s very flattering,” said Lucas.


Konstantin Shamray’s remarkable journey began in Siberia and led him to Moscow for his musical education. In 2008, he arrived in Australia as a late entrant to the Sydney International Piano Competition, where he achieved an extraordinary double victory, winning both the Jury First Place and People’s Choice Award—a feat no other pianist has accomplished.

After a period of commuting between Moscow and Australia, Konstantin Shamray chose Australia as his home, where he now holds residency. He serves as a professor of piano at the Elder Conservatorium of Music at the University of Adelaide.

Frequent visits to the Sunshine Coast have allowed Konstantin and other renowned classical musicians to form a close bond with Ian and his wife Lee. The serene bushland surroundings of the Montville auditorium have become a cherished retreat for these artists.

Ian Lucas emphasized the warm and welcoming atmosphere at Lucas Parklands, stating, “We make them feel welcome. They are part of our family for the three – and sometimes four – days that they’re with us. They join the family, and by the time they’ve been here for a day, they’re totally relaxed.”

Lucas Parklands’ concert auditorium, nestled amidst 30 acres of pristine rainforest near Lake Baroon in Montville, is gaining a reputation for hosting world-class artists and programs. The 150-seat hall, with its soft lighting and large windows offering a natural backdrop, provides an intimate and acoustically brilliant performance space.

Renowned French concert pianist Pascal Rogé, who graced Lucas Parklands with his presence twelve and fourteen years ago, lauded the venue, stating that, for its size, it ranks among the top two performance venues in the world. The feedback from other performers echoes this sentiment, highlighting the unmatched beauty and tranquility of the location.

Konstantin Shamray’s return to Lucas Parklands promises to be a musical spectacle, and it is yet another testament to the allure of this enchanting performance venue in Montville.


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