Mastering the Art of Piano in Lies of P: Achieving The Pianist of Krat

by Madonna

In the enigmatic world of “Lies of P,” the coveted “Pianist of Krat” achievement stands as a testament to your piano-playing prowess. But this achievement isn’t handed to you on a silver platter. It requires not only the location of the elusive piano but also a deeper understanding of its melodies. Here’s how to play a perfect piano tune and claim this achievement.

Locating the Piano

Finding the piano itself is a straightforward task. You’ll discover it on the ground floor of Hotel Krat, nestled within the same room as Antonia. Approach the instrument, stand close to it, and select “Investigate.” At this point, you can attempt to play the piano as many times as you wish, but don’t expect a different outcome. There are no immediate clues nearby to guide you on how to play a complete song. Your path to perfection leads you back to the streets, where you must continue your battle against the eerie puppets lurking in the shadows.


Striving for Perfection

Your journey to achieve the perfect piano tune is a tale of patience and persistence. As you progress through the game’s narrative, you’ll eventually face a pivotal decision—to give Geppetto a heart. Once you agree to this act of generosity, you’ll unlock the “Real Boy” ending. While you’re here, seize the opportunity to obtain “The Story of One Father” achievement by taking the letter from Geppetto’s desk.


But your mission isn’t over yet. Instead of plunging into New Game+, venture to the ground level of Hotel Krat and rekindle your connection with the piano. This time, your efforts will be rewarded with “The Pianist of Krat” achievement, signifying your mastery of the instrument.


Awaiting the Perfect Moment

In essence, mastering the art of piano in “Lies of P” is a patient endeavor. The steps themselves may appear simple, but the journey is one that unfolds gradually, culminating in a well-deserved achievement. While the path to perfection may be winding and require a fair amount of time, it’s a testament to the dedication and resilience of the player. So, when the final notes resonate from the piano keys, you’ll know that your journey to play a perfect tune has reached its harmonious conclusion.


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