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Enchanting Flute Concert “Fables and Fantasies” to Grace the Chapel of St Cross

by Madonna

The Chapel of St Cross is set to reverberate with the captivating melodies of flautist Emily Correa Andrews, as she takes the stage for a mesmerizing concert that promises to transport listeners into a world of ‘Fables and Fantasies.’ Accompanied by the enchanting notes of the piano and organ, this musical journey is scheduled to take place on Thursday, September 21, commencing at 12:30 pm.

Emily Correa Andrews, a virtuoso flautist, has curated a program that will weave a narrative through music, offering a unique blend of storytelling and imagery. Among the notable pieces on the playlist is Debussy’s iconic flute composition, “Syrinx,” known for its evocative storytelling through musical notes. Another highlight of the afternoon will be Ian Clarke’s “The Great Train Race,” a piece that masterfully blends musical motifs to paint vivid imagery.

While the concert will predominantly feature solo flute performances, there will also be captivating duos, with none other than St Cross organist and resident, Graham Davies, taking center stage alongside Emily. This performance marks a heartwarming reunion between the two artists, rekindling their musical partnership after a decade-long hiatus.

Adding an element of novelty to the concert, the audience can anticipate the world premiere of two compositions by the talented composer and singer, Joanna Sleight. Emily Correa Andrews and Joanna Sleight embarked on a creative journey during the lockdown, which began through an online social forum for musician mothers. What started as a casual chat blossomed into a collaborative project that spanned two years, resulting in the arrangement, recording, and performance of a set of four pieces. Two of these mesmerizing compositions will make their debut during this much-anticipated concert.

This musical rendezvous promises an afternoon of enchantment, imagination, and heartwarming reunions. Join Emily Correa Andrews, Graham Davies, and Joanna Sleight on September 21st at 12:30 pm at the Chapel of St Cross. As the melodies unfold, let your senses be captivated by the tales spun through the artistry of music.

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