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Harmonious Notes Fill the Air at United Methodist Church of Westford

by Madonna

The United Methodist Church of Westford extends a warm invitation to the local community for an upcoming musical soirée featuring the melodic talents of flutist Bruce Goody and guitarist Jonathan Moretz. This captivating concert promises to be a harmonious journey through a diverse repertoire, embracing compositions by renowned masters such as Mozart, Mendelssohn, Bach, as well as offering enchanting selections from Italian, French, Cuban, and Japanese musical traditions. In the rich tapestry of American compositions, the program will feature compositions by Scott Joplin, Robert Beaser, and a specially commissioned arrangement by Lea Peterson, adding a distinct American flavor to the evening.

These two gifted musicians, whose partnership has spanned an impressive 14 years, have graced various concert stages across the region. Their resonant performances have enthralled audiences in prestigious venues including The Old South Meeting House Museum, The Arnold Arboretum of Boston, Campion Center of Weston, and Broadmoor Audubon in Natick. Beyond the concert hall, Goody and Moretz generously contribute to their community by sharing their talents in venues as diverse as churches, homeless shelters, nursing homes, and memory loss facilities.

As a testament to their dedication, the duo has recently unveiled their latest musical masterpiece, “A Touch of Romance,” available for all to enjoy. The church invites everyone to partake in this memorable afternoon, embracing the enchanting melodies and musical gifts bestowed by these accomplished artists. In keeping with the spirit of community, there will be an opportunity for attendees to make a freewill offering for those who wish to contribute.

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