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Flute and Fiddle Harmonies: Rob Zielinski & Manuela Centanni Showcase Musical Fusion

by Madonna

New Zealand became the melting pot where harmonious melodies and transcendent traditions converged, birthing a unique duo that has captivated hearts across continents. For the past three years, Robert Zielinski and Manuela Centanni have been enchanting audiences with their Flute and Fiddle Concert, a mesmerizing blend of Ireland’s traditional tunes and Robert’s evocative compositions, influenced by the untamed beauty of Western Australia’s Great Southern region.

Renowned for their remarkable tonal synergy and intricately woven arrangements, Zielinski and Centanni stand out for their uncanny ability to achieve an almost symbiotic unison, where their instruments intertwine as one. Their pursuit of the seamless merging of flute and fiddle leads them on an artistic journey that knows no boundaries, defying the constraints of genre and language.

From the stage, they transcend age and background, reaching out to people with the conviction that music transcends cultural divides. Their shared belief in music as a universal language resonates in every note they play, forging connections that transcend spoken words.

In an upcoming performance, the night will hold an extra layer of excitement as Robert Zielinski unveils his long-anticipated creation: The Day Dawn CD (reimagined). Originally introduced to the world in 2018, The Day Dawn was a musical tapestry woven from recordings collected over two decades of Robert’s life. However, the journey didn’t stop there. This reimagined edition boasts seven freshly recorded tracks and five previously unreleased gems, including cherished collaborations with mentors like Mick Doherty and Sliabh Luachra fiddle master Paddy Jones. The album’s transformation was nurtured by the expertise of Abbey Road Studios in London and Lee Buddle’s Crank studio in North Perth, infusing the tracks with an organic vitality that mirrors their natural essence.

As the stage lights illuminate the connection between flute and fiddle, and as the audience becomes part of the dialogue between tradition and innovation, Rob Zielinski & Manuela Centanni’s performance promises an evening of sonic transcendence, an experience where past and present, distant lands and harmonious hearts intertwine.

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