Harmonizing Dreams with Saxophone’s Melodic Resonance

by Madonna

The saxophone, often lauded by musical connoisseurs as a blend of potency and mellowness, has cast its enchanting spell on Lloyd Thoabala, who effortlessly weaves the same mellifluous magic wherever his music graces.

A choice made in the tapestry of youth, Thoabala’s pursuit of the saxophone was guided by the harmonious cadence of various artists resonating from his parents’ cherished music collection. Among these melodious influencers, one luminary stood out, the internationally acclaimed David Stephen Koz, a luminary in American music circles as a saxophonist, composer, record producer, and radio personality.


In the reverberations of Koz’s melodies echoing through his family home, Thoabala discovered his turning point. “My parents adored Koz’s saxophone melodies, and I believe the sound of the sax became a part of me. Koz’s signature sweet and mellow timbre left a mark on me, and his music served as my wellspring of inspiration,” Thoabala confides.


His artistic flair found spotlight when he graced the stage with the Youth Ablaze gospel ensemble at the Mangaung Gospel Festival, orchestrating an inspirational performance that breathed life into the event. The Thaba Nchu-based group illuminated the Kaizer Sebothelo Stadium in Botshabelo, a testament to Thoabala’s resonant melodies finding their place amongst gospel devotees.


“Standing on that gospel festival stage was monumental. My aspiration is to take my melodies beyond our borders,” Thoabala reveals, his gaze set on international platforms.

Locally, Thoabala harmonizes his talents with the Youth Ablaze ensemble and the Baagisane Afro Jazz band, a testament to his versatile fusion of gospel and jazz, inviting applause from diverse musical appreciators.

“Music has been a part of me for as long as I can remember,” Thoabala confesses. “My dedication is unwavering—I strive to deliver exceptional sound to the audience, a commitment that endures.”

Thoabala’s music journey took root in his hometown of Kutlwanong, Odendaalrus, where church and a brass band became his initial performance arena at the tender age of eight. From there, his melodic path evolved, embracing both jazz and gospel genres.

“My musical journey was nurtured in church with a brass band, when I was just eight years old. Gospel music has always been intertwined with my journey, alongside jazz,” he notes. School choirs became another platform for him, ensuring that gospel’s melodies resonated within him.

Instrumental in Thoabala’s journey was his late mother, Makgotso Thoabala, who played a pivotal role in his pursuit by procuring his first saxophone—a gesture of unwavering support that he cherishes.

His journey towards becoming a seasoned saxophonist saw him amass qualifications, including a grade 6 in saxophone playing (practical) and grade 3 in music theory. Beyond school, he embarked on a voyage of musical education, attending classes at the Free State Musicon in Bloemfontein post-matriculation. Yet, his quest led him further to Hugo Lambrechts in Cape Town, where his accreditation was solidified.

“I returned to the Free State, as I am a true Free Stater at heart, to continue my musical expedition,” Thoabala reflects with a smile, holding steadfast to his roots.

With each melodious note, Thoabala remains committed to his artistry, savoring his past, embracing his present, and charting his path to a harmonious future.



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