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New Saxophone Professor Joins the Ranks at the Department of Music

by Madonna

Excitement fills the air as the Department of Music proudly welcomes Sarah Hetrick as the newest addition to its faculty, taking on the role of assistant professor of saxophone. With an impressive background, Hetrick’s journey leads her from Texas A&M International University, where she delivered teachings in applied saxophone and woodwind methods.

Boasting a wealth of academic accomplishments, Hetrick holds a Master of Music degree and a Doctor of Musical Arts degree in saxophone performance, both earned from the prestigious University of Texas at Austin. During her tenure there, she not only held the distinction of a University Fellow but also took on the role of saxophone teaching assistant. Paving her way to her graduate achievements, Hetrick graduated summa cum laude, securing a Bachelor of Science degree in music education from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Her dedication and excellence were also recognized through accolades including the Rainwater Grant for Innovation in Music, the Presser Award, the PEO Scholar Award, and UT’s esteemed University Fellowship.

Inquisitively prompted about her motivations as an educator, Hetrick enthusiastically highlighted her students. “Observing the progress and elation students experience while striving toward their aspirations is truly exhilarating!” she conveyed. “In reality, my students serve as invaluable educators themselves, inspiring me with their inventive concepts and artistic ingenuity.”

With an unwavering belief in music’s potential to be a transformative force, Hetrick emphasizes its influence on all involved. “No matter what course their careers and artistic ventures take, I aspire for our shared time to underscore the significance of forging connections and collaborations; of pursuing goals, ideas, and knowledge; and of leading a life steeped in music, in whichever manifestation,” she expressed.

Having spent an extended period in Laredo, Texas, Hetrick anticipates with eagerness the return to a region with four distinct seasons and more time outdoors. “My roots trace back to Pennsylvania, yet I’ve embraced the Texan landscape for quite some time. The prospect of experiencing autumn and snow once more has been sorely missed!”

Furthermore, Hetrick is enthusiastic about becoming a part of the Northwest Arkansas arts community. “I am greatly enthusiastic about the opportunity to meet and engage with the arts, music, and educational communities that thrive here,” she revealed. “Collaborating with the gifted students and esteemed colleagues at the University of Arkansas is something I’m genuinely looking forward to!”

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