Music Student Amazes Online Community with Upside-Down Piano Performance

by Madonna

Jovanna Yam, a 21-year-old TikTok user from Singapore, has captivated the internet with her unconventional piano skills, showcased in a viral video where she performs Hoagy Carmichael’s “Heart and Soul” upside down at Orchard MRT Station.

In the video, Ms. Yam eschews the traditional seated position, opting instead to lie on the piano stool with her upper back against it, facing away from the keys. Her hands skillfully navigate the piano keys behind her head, relying solely on muscle memory, as her feet remain grounded, out of view.


This daring feat, akin to the fitness “bridge position,” not only showcases her flexibility and core strength but also highlights her remarkable musical talent and adaptability. The performance was part of SMRT’s Music in Community program, featuring public pianos across Singapore.


Since its posting a week ago under the title “When pianists get too bored,” the video has garnered over 210,000 likes, 5,000 shares, and more than 500 comments. Viewers have marveled at Ms. Yam’s dexterity and creativity, praising her ability to perform such a challenging piece in an unconventional manner.


Responding to the overwhelming reception, Ms. Yam emphasized the role of muscle memory in mastering this unique technique. She explained the initial difficulties of playing upside down, noting the mental adjustments required to reverse her understanding of the piano keys and finger placements. However, with persistence and practice, she overcame these challenges, guided by her innate sense of rhythm and familiarity with the instrument.

Currently pursuing a Bachelor of Education (Honours) in instrumental and vocal teaching at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in collaboration with the Royal College of Music, Ms. Yam also works as a freelance piano teacher. Her passion for innovative musical expression and commitment to inspiring others through her performances underscore her dedication to the art form.

Reflecting on the response from the TikTok community, Ms. Yam expressed gratitude for the encouragement and indicated plans to continue sharing unconventional and inspiring piano content. Her goal remains to uplift and entertain audiences while pushing the boundaries of musical creativity.


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