Josh Freese Wows Glasgow Crowd with Epic Van Halen Drum Tribute

by Madonna

During Monday night’s electrifying gig at Glasgow’s Hampden Park, Foo Fighters’ new drummer Josh Freese stunned the audience with a flawless rendition of Alex Van Halen’s iconic drum intro from “Hot For Teacher.” The performance, a nod to the late Taylor Hawkins, was captured on camera and shared by Freese himself on Instagram.

The moment unfolded seamlessly after the band wrapped up “Monkey Wrench,” traditionally the slot for a drum solo by Hawkins. Freese, known for his versatility, had previously surprised fans with John Bonham’s legendary drum intro from Led Zeppelin’s “Rock and Roll.” However, on this occasion, as the band paused, Freese launched into Van Halen’s unmistakable rhythms, including the distinctive double kick and tom pattern followed by intricate ride bell accents. The band members, visibly impressed, looked on in awe as Freese delivered his performance.


Completing his tribute, Freese segued into his own solo, showcasing remarkable speed and precision across the drum kit. Alongside his Instagram post, Freese humbly acknowledged the homage, stating, “Little impromptu ‘Hot For Teacher’ nod last night in Glasgow.” The choice of “Monkey Wrench” as the preceding song highlighted the technical skill required, making the moment even more resonant during the band’s 21-song set in Glasgow.


This display of drumming prowess isn’t new for Freese, who previously honored Taylor Hawkins at tribute concerts by performing “Hot For Teacher” alongside Wolfgang Van Halen on guitar, Dave Grohl on bass, and Justin Hawkins of The Darkness on vocals. While professional footage from those events remains rare, Freese’s recent clip offers fans an intimate view with pristine audio quality.


Reflecting on his year-long tenure with Foo Fighters, Freese also commemorated the anniversary and paid tribute to Hawkins, emphasizing the band’s ongoing commitment to honoring their late drummer while forging ahead with their music.


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