Australian Jazz Museum Acquires Iconic Clarinet of Late Jazz Legend Nick Polites

by Madonna

The Australian Jazz Museum has recently acquired an iconic clarinet that once belonged to the late jazz musician Nick Polites OAM. This distinctive blue and yellow instrument, which holds significant historical value, was generously donated to the museum by Angela Lillis, Nick Polites’ niece.

Nick Polites made a name for himself as a talented clarinetist in Melbourne’s jazz circles at a remarkably young age, establishing his reputation by the time he was 21. His career flourished further when he joined Frank Johnson’s Fabulous Dixielanders in 1951, a renowned jazz ensemble in Melbourne. A decade later, Polites achieved a notable milestone by performing at Preservation Hall in the historic New Orleans French Quarter.


The Australian Jazz Museum now proudly houses a comprehensive collection of Nick Polites’ recordings and memorabilia, offering a tribute to his enduring influence and contributions to the jazz genre.


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