Liverpool FC Probes Complaint Over Sectarian Anthem Played at Anfield

by Madonna

Liverpool FC is investigating a complaint regarding the presence of a Loyalist flute band playing a sectarian anthem at Anfield. The Glendermott Valley Flute Band was filmed playing ‘Billy Boys’ as they marched near the famous football ground last weekend, a song known for its sectarian lyrics including references to “fenian blood.”

The Derry Official Supporters Club raised concerns about the incident, highlighting the song’s offensive nature to Irish Catholics and its potential to upset Liverpool’s substantial Irish following. They emphasized that such marches should not occur within the confines of a place like Anfield, regardless of their origin.


Liverpool FC responded, stating they were unaware of any march scheduled at the stadium that day and had not authorized such an event. They assured the supporters that an investigation would be conducted focusing on safety and security measures, with potential further actions being considered.


‘Billy Boys’ has faced bans in Scotland and Northern Ireland due to its discriminatory content. The song’s origins were traced back to a Glasgow gang of the 1930s, named after King William of Orange, celebrated annually in July 12th events.


The incident has garnered international attention, with coverage in the US, where media outlets like the New York Times explained its controversial lyrics and historical context.


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