Son Pranks Mom With Trombone & It’s So Good She Can’t Even Be Mad

by Madonna

Peet Montzingo has been humorously “sound-effecting” his mom’s life with a trombone for years, and a compilation video of these pranks is one of the best things we’ve seen on social media.

Peet, a media personality, influencer, author, and musician, constantly finds creative ways to use his trombone to playfully annoy his mom, Vicki.


As Vicki goes about her daily routine, Peet sneaks up and adds sound effects with his trombone. Despite her glares and eye-rolls, Vicki finds the running joke hilarious and can never stop herself from laughing.


Peet shares these trombone pranks on his social media accounts, where they are immensely popular. Many of the clips go viral, garnering millions of views. One compilation of his best pranks has over 26 million views. Commenters love the wholesome and light-hearted mother-son dynamics.


“Oh, this is the best! Thank you for sharing!!” one person wrote.

“Awww, love you and your mom so much!!! Y’all make me laugh!” gushed a fan.

“I love how sweet and playful y’all are with each other!” another person added.

“I absolutely love you guys!” shared a follower. “Your bond is beautiful.”

“These videos are my all-time favorite,” someone admitted. “I think they’re so hilarious.”

The prank has been running so long that Peet decided to even the playing field. For Mother’s Day 2021, he gifted his mom a custom trombone, so now she can prank him right back.


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