Questions Arise as Loyalist Flute Band Marches Through Anfield Grounds

by Madonna

Concerns have been raised following the march of a loyalist flute band through the grounds of Liverpool Football Club.

Video footage surfaced showing the Glendermott Valley Flute Band, from the Tullyally area near Derry, passing through Anfield’s gates on Friday while playing an instrumental version of the “Billy Boys.”


This song has been banned at Scottish football grounds and Linfield matches in Northern Ireland due to its lyrics, which include the phrase “up to our knees in fenian blood.”


A spokesperson for the Apprentice Boys informed The Irish News that they are not formally associated with the Glendermott Valley Flute Band and had no involvement in the decision to parade through Anfield.


The Glendermott band was hosted for a weekend of events by The Apprentice Boys of Derry Liverpool Campsie Club, which posted footage of the parade on social media.

Both organizations, along with Liverpool Football Club, have been contacted for a response regarding the incident.

The footage has sparked criticism on social media, with many demanding a statement from Liverpool Football Club. One person on X questioned how “anti-Catholic music” was permitted on the club grounds.


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