Double Ukulele Delight at The Regent Theater

by Madonna

Australian musician Tyrone joins forces with the beloved West Auckland ukulele ensemble, The Nukes, for a lively international ukulele concert promising a blend of Antipodean humor, impressive musicianship, and heartening melodies.

Tyrone, renowned as half of the acclaimed duo Tyrone and Lesley, brings his ukulele mastery to audiences worldwide, from the prestigious Sydney Opera House to various festivals across the globe.


Meanwhile, The Nukes, stalwarts of the Australasian music scene for over 15 years, return to the town where their journey began, bringing their signature harmony and joy to Te Awamutu’s Regent Theatre.


With a reputation for innovation, inspiration, and sheer entertainment, The Nukes have captivated audiences across New Zealand and Australia, from major festivals to intimate performances.


Experience the best of Downunder’s ukulele talent as these two exceptional acts share the stage on Thursday, June 13th, at the iconic Regent Theatre in Te Awamutu.

Critics rave about the infectious charm of these performers, describing their shows as some of the most entertaining and delightful experiences one can encounter.


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