Move over Taylor Swift, Bach’s musical brilliance steals the spotlight

by Madonna

Renowned violinist Madeleine Easton asserts that the influence of German composer J.S. Bach extends across the spectrum of popular music, from the Beatles to Lady Gaga and even Taylor Swift.

Easton highlights Bach’s unparalleled inventiveness in chord changes, noting that even his compositions aimed at children boast four to five times the chord changes found in an average Taylor Swift track.


Bach’s innovation in chord progressions predates many elements found in contemporary music, with Paul McCartney citing Bach’s influence on the Beatles, particularly evident in their 1968 hit “Blackbird,” adapted from Bach’s Bourree in E minor.


Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” music video opens with notes from Bach’s Fugue in B minor, showcasing the enduring influence of Bach’s work on modern artists. Similarly, artists like Procol Harum, Eminem, and Paul Simon have either sampled or adapted Bach’s compositions in their own music.


Easton, whose public profile surged after performing at King Charles III’s coronation in 2023, established the Bach Akademie Australia in 2016, dedicated solely to Bach’s repertoire.

In contrast to ensembles covering a range of composers, Easton’s focus on Bach sets her group apart, reflecting a growing appreciation for the composer’s enduring legacy.

Bach’s prolific output, exceeding 1000 compositions, surpasses even renowned figures like Mozart and Beethoven. His artistic excellence, coupled with his penchant for experimentation with instruments like the viola d’amore, solidifies his position as a musical luminary.

The Bach Akademie Australia’s 2024 season features concerts titled “Bach – The Mind of a Genius” in Sydney, showcasing Bach’s seminal works performed by acclaimed artists like harpsichordist Neal Peres Da Costa and soprano Bonnie de la Hunty.

For Easton, Bach’s genius lies in his ability to transcend the ordinary, elevating music to a realm of profound meaning and solace through his transformative compositions.


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