ALEXISONFIRE Drummer Jordan “Ratbeard” Hastings Breaks Down AOF Drum Parts

by Madonna

In the latest video from Drumeo, Jordan Hastings, also known as Ratbeard, delves into his favorite ALEXISONFIRE drum parts. He discusses his musical influences, particularly the legendary Neil Peart from RUSH, who significantly shaped his drumming style.

Hastings shares personal anecdotes filled with the joys of touring, discovering new cities, and the camaraderie with his bandmates during summer tours.


The lesson begins with “Boiled Frogs,” where Jordan demonstrates how to mimic a double kick using a single pedal—a clever technique that delivers a powerful sound without extra equipment. He then moves on to “Young Cardinals,” breaking down intricate drum fills that add dynamism and energy to the song.


Jordan recounts his journey to joining ALEXISONFIRE with a smile. At the time, he was a member of the band JERSEY, and both bands, hailing from Ontario’s Golden Horseshoe area, frequently toured together, strengthening their bond. When ALEXISONFIRE needed a drummer on short notice, Jordan was ready to step in, learning the setlist in just a few days before hitting the road.


Drumming for ALEXISONFIRE offers Jordan unique creative opportunities. He highlights the rhythmic freedom in the band, where everyone can contribute to the creative process collaboratively. “What’s best for the song stays,” he emphasizes.

Jordan also offers advice for aspiring drummers, stressing the importance of focusing on songwriting and finding your unique groove. Supporting the band’s music takes precedence over showcasing individual skills. “Find your spots to do cool stuff, but also step back and let the song progress as it should,” he advises.

Tour stories are a real treat for Hastings. He loves summer tours, where he can explore new cities, enjoy good weather, and spend time outdoors, comparing life on tour to summer camp.

He also pays homage to his influences, particularly Neil Peart, whose ride cymbal technique often shines through in Jordan’s playing. He fondly recalls playing “Tom Sawyer” in front of Neil Peart, Geddy Lee, and Alex Lifeson—an unforgettable experience.


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