Not Just Another High Note Trumpeter, Keith Fiala Releases Phenomenal New Jazz Fusion/Smooth Jazz Album, “New Beginnings”

by Madonna

Life is full of new beginnings for Austin, Texas-based horn player Keith Fiala. An endorsed trumpet artist with Austin Winds, Fiala stands out as one of the most exciting, innovative, and versatile trumpet players and educators on today’s music scene.

A First Call trumpeter in Austin and throughout Texas, Keith co-founded and performed with the celebrated R&B group Memphis Train Revue. He has toured the world alongside his mentor, the legendary trumpeter and bandleader Maynard Ferguson.


In 2017, Keith moved to Los Angeles and teamed up with his long-time hero, ten-time Grammy® winner Arturo Sandoval. Fiala supported Sandoval in various capacities, including road manager, audio engineer, video producer, and stage performer.


Beyond his collaborations with Sandoval, Fiala has shared the stage with numerous jazz luminaries such as Gordon Goodwin, Wayne Bergeron, Randy Brecker, The Temptations, Brian Lynch, Allen Vizzutti, Bill Watrous, Dan Higgins, Charles Davis, Walt Johnson, and Tom “Bones” Malone.


Now back in Austin, Fiala has embraced new beginnings by releasing his album of ten original smooth jazz fusion tracks, which took four years to create.

“When I started working with Arturo and practicing with him, I kind of felt like a Phoenix. I had to reinvent the kind of player I was. I wanted to become an artist, not just be a trumpet player. So, I burned the old me down to the ground and reinvented myself… hence, ‘New Beginnings,’” Fiala explained.

The album features a stellar lineup of musicians, including Johnny Friday on drums, Tyler Honsel and Lannie Hilboldt on bass, Jamie Hilboldt and Arturo Sandoval, Keith Fiala, and Dr. Ben Irom on keys/synths, Marc Lionetti, and Ken Berry on guitars. Fiala explores a range of musical styles, including Bolero, funk-infused jazz, and ethereal “New Age” jazz, offering listeners an exhilarating musical journey.


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