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Curtis Stigers Receives Titanic Guitar Before Ulster Hall Concert

by Madonna

Renowned multi-platinum singer Curtis Stigers experienced pure delight last Saturday evening as he was presented with a Titanic Guitar just ahead of his sold-out performance at the Ulster Hall.

The Titanic Guitar, a creation of Dundonald-based company IBC-Music, embodies the rich tradition of Irish music and guitar craftsmanship. This special gift marked the company’s foray into acoustic guitar manufacturing following their recent triumph of winning the esteemed King’s Award at Buckingham Palace.

Crafted with rosewood back and sides and a European spruce top, the guitar boasts not only exceptional sound but also exquisite Celtic inlay, adding to its aesthetic allure. Stigers, known for hits like ‘You’re All That Matters to Me’ and ‘I Wonder Why,’ was visibly impressed by the instrument’s beauty, exclaiming, “It’s gorgeous, look at that thing!”

IBC-Music, founded in 2019, specializes in facilitating international musical instrument brands in finding manufacturing and distribution partners globally. Their innovative approach and effective market strategies have earned them recognition, including the prestigious King’s Award for outstanding growth in international trade.

With a focus on adapting to evolving global markets, IBC-Music has rapidly expanded, boasting major clients in the USA, Canada, and Germany, propelling them to a multi-million-pound business with an impressive turnover of £3.5 million in just three years.

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