Musician Devastated as Guitar, Tied to Harry Styles, Destroyed on Delta Flight

by Madonna

Delta Airlines has faced criticism after musician Madi Diaz discovered her cherished Martin acoustic guitar in ruins following a recent flight. Diaz, 37, took to social media to express her devastation, sharing images and videos of the irreparable damage to her beloved instrument, which had accompanied her on tours, including those with Harry Styles. She lamented the loss of the guitar, which held sentimental value due to its role in her musical journey over the past two decades.

Diaz noted that the destruction seemed deliberate, pointing to a scratched-off fragile sticker on the case. Fellow musicians and fans joined her in condemning the apparent carelessness that led to the guitar’s demise. Calls for Delta Airlines to take responsibility and compensate Diaz for her loss reverberated across social media platforms.


The singer recounted the significance of the guitar in her life, from her college days to sharing the stage with Harry Styles. Its role in her songwriting and recording processes made its destruction all the more devastating. Diaz also revealed that remnants of a paper with lyrics from Styles’ song “Medicine” added to her anguish.


In response to the outcry, Delta Airlines issued an apology to Diaz and pledged to address the situation. However, supporters of the musician continued to express solidarity and demand accountability from the airline.


While some drew parallels to iconic guitarist Pete Townshend’s onstage guitar-smashing antics, Diaz’s experience underscored the profound emotional attachment musicians have to their instruments. Unlike Townshend’s intentional acts, Diaz’s loss was one of unexpected sorrow.

The incident sparked discussions about airlines’ responsibility in handling passengers’ belongings, especially fragile and valuable items like musical instruments. Diaz’s ordeal highlighted the need for greater care and accountability in transporting such precious possessions to prevent similar incidents in the future.


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