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Renowned Violinist Bartu Elçi-Özsoy Granted the 1760 “ex-Vidas” Guadagnini on Loan from Paris Conservatoire

by Madonna

Renowned violinist, conductor, and composer Bartu Elçi-Özsoy is set to grace the stage with the prestigious 1760 “ex-Vidas” Guadagnini, generously loaned to him by the Paris Conservatoire.

A prodigious talent, Elçi-Özsoy gained admission to the Paris Conservatoire at the tender age of 15, under the tutelage of Alexis Galpérine. Currently pursuing his master’s degree with Sarah Nemtanu, the esteemed concertmaster of l’Orchestre National de France, Elçi-Özsoy continues to captivate audiences with his virtuosity and musical prowess.

Beyond his musical achievements, Elçi-Özsoy is committed to utilizing his art for social impact. In April 2023, in collaboration with Association Jeunes Talents, UNICEF, and patron Emmanuel Macron, he organized a benefit concert aimed at raising funds for the victims of devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria.

The illustrious “ex-Vidas” Guadagnini derives its name from its former owner, the Romanian-born violinist Raoul Georges Vidas (1901–1978). Following Vidas’s passing, the instrument found its home at the Paris Conservatoire through a donation from his mother. Vidas, an integral part of the institution, had studied under Henri Berthelier during his time there.

The rich history of this instrument includes previous recipients such as Stéphanie-Marie Degand, Yun-Peng Zhao, and Sarah Nemtanu.

Expressing his gratitude and reverence for the opportunity, Elçi-Özsoy stated, “As I embark on this new chapter with the ‘ex-Vidas’ Guadagnini, I am reminded of the power of music to connect, inspire, and transcend. It is an honor to be a part of this story, to contribute to the legacy of this magnificent instrument, and to share it with audiences around the world.”

Bartu Elçi-Özsoy’s upcoming performances with the “ex-Vidas” Guadagnini promise to be a harmonious celebration of both artistic excellence and the enduring legacy of this exceptional instrument.

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