Michigan City Chamber Music Festival Showcases Oboist Jennet Ingle in ‘Sensations’ Recital

by Madonna

Michigan City – The eagerly anticipated Michigan City Chamber Music Festival is poised to enchant music enthusiasts with a captivating recital featuring the accomplished oboist, Jennet Ingle, on Sunday, February 11. The event, appropriately titled “Sensations,” pays homage to the oboe—an instrument renowned for its captivating beauty, expansive sound range, and intricate technical capabilities. The serene sanctuary of Trinity Episcopal Church in Michigan City will host the performance, commencing at 3 p.m.

Highlighting the Oboe’s Versatility

With a mission to accentuate the often-underappreciated versatility of the oboe, “Sensations” promises a melodic journey exploring the unique qualities of this captivating instrument. Curated with precision, the repertoire aims to engage a diverse audience, showcasing the rich tonal colors and complex technical prowess that define the oboe.


Collaborative Musical Excellence

Ingle’s performance will be complemented by the virtuosity of pianist Ellis Anderson, fostering a harmonious interplay between the oboe and piano. While the spotlight remains on the oboe, the concert also embraces the collaborative spirit of chamber music, featuring additional musicians for a comprehensive and immersive experience.


Community Engagement and Classical Music

Consistent with the Michigan City Chamber Music Festival’s commitment to fostering classical music appreciation, this concert is open to all and free of charge. Renowned for its diverse programming and dedication to providing a platform for talented musicians, the festival continues to contribute significantly to the cultural fabric of Michigan City. By extending classical music outreach to audiences of all ages, the festival serves as a cornerstone in enhancing the community’s cultural experience.


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