Tama Unveils Superstar and Imperialstar Drum Kits to Mark Anniversary Milestone

by Madonna

Celebrating five decades since its establishment in 1974, Tama, renowned for its exceptional drum kits, introduces new additions to the Superstar and Imperialstar series. The Superstar, a stalwart since its debut in 1976 and revamped in 2005, receives a commemorative upgrade with a unique finish in honor of Tama’s golden jubilee.

Tama Superstar Classic Series: A Timeless Addition


The Tama Superstar Classic series welcomes a fresh member boasting a visually striking “Gloss Natural Blonde” finish. Crafted with an all-maple composition, this kit features a 22″x16″ bass drum, 10″x07″ and 12″x08″ rack toms, a 16″x14″ floor tom, and a 14″x6.5″ snare drum. Priced at 874 GBP, the package includes Tama’s SM5W Hardware pack featuring essential components like a pedal, hi-hat machine, snare stand, and two boom stands.


Adding to the anniversary fervor, the Tama Superstar 50th Anniversary Limited Reissue Sets present an all-birch configuration, available for 1,666 GBP. Boasting a 6-ply/9mm shell set reminiscent of the series’ inception, it comprises a 22″x14″ bass drum, 10″x08″ and 12″x08″ rack toms, and a 16″x16″ floor tom. The kit, available in Turquoise, Red, Nature, and Brown, excludes the snare drum.


Tama Imperialstar: Introducing the “BOB” Finish

In addition to Superstar revelations, the Imperialstar series introduces a novel configuration with a distinctive “BOB” finish. The kit encompasses a 20″x16″ bass drum, 14″x12″ floor tom, 10″x07″ tom, 14″x05″ snare drum, and 10″x07″ and 12″x08″ rack toms. Thomann* offers this kit, inclusive of a hardware package and three Meinl cymbals, for 915 GBP.

Not to be overshadowed by its Superstar counterpart, the Tama Starclassic Mirage, a limited edition drum kit reminiscent of the ’80s, makes a bold entrance. With transparent shells designed to captivate onlookers, the kit includes 14″x12″ and 16″x14″ floor toms, 10″x07″ and 12″x08″ rack toms, and a 22″x16″ bass drum. Priced at 2,090 GBP, the bundle incorporates black nickel hardware, acrylic shells (BD 6.5mm, TT/FT 5.5mm), and two 2x MC69 single tom holders for mounting the rack toms onto cymbal stands. Notably, the snare drum is not part of the ensemble.

Tama’s latest releases showcase a commitment to innovation and quality, marking a significant milestone in the company’s rich history. Drum enthusiasts and professionals alike can anticipate superior sound and craftsmanship from these commemorative drum kits.


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