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Saxophonist Eliott Allemand Mesmerizes Queenstown Audience with Epic Coldplay Cover

by Madonna

In a captivating performance that brought together hundreds of tourists and locals in Queenstown, 21-year-old emerging musician Eliott Allemand wowed the crowd with his soulful saxophone rendition of Coldplay’s classic track, “Viva La Vida.”

As Allemand showcased his musical prowess while busking on the waterfront of the resort town, with the sun setting as a backdrop. Reflecting on the experience, Allemand shared, “The conditions couldn’t have been more perfect. It was just the right vibe, it was warm, the wind was low, and the weather was beautiful. I think all the conditions were in my favour.”

Originally from New Caledonia, the multi-instrumentalist moved to Queenstown at the age of 11 and began busking at the age of 14. Despite numerous performances in the town, he declared this particular session as his favorite, emphasizing the joy of seeing people fully engaged in the moment rather than being immersed in their phones. “It means a lot because it means that my art is appealing to literally all demographics,” he added.

Allemand’s musical journey started early, with a love for performing in high school bands and notable achievements, including winning the best saxophone award at various New Zealand jazz festivals. Proficient in saxophone, guitar, drums, and piano, his passion and talent paved the way for acceptance into the esteemed Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he secured a scholarship in 2022 and is poised to graduate in May.

Berklee has not only provided Allemand with a comprehensive musical education but has also opened doors to global opportunities. He has performed in various locations, including Hong Kong, Hawaii, Fiji, Thailand, and France. Sharing his gratitude, Allemand expressed, “I’ve been lucky to travel around the world, and I’m always happy to share my music with anybody.”

In addition to his global endeavors, Allemand recently represented New Zealand at the World Championships of Performing Arts, achieving remarkable success by bringing home five gold medals and four overall team awards. As he continues to carve his path in the world of music, Eliott Allemand’s mesmerizing performances leave an indelible mark on audiences worldwide.

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