Local Teenager in Leukemia Remission Receives Gift of Professional Drum Set

by Madonna

Caleb Cooperrider, a resilient nineteen-year-old who battled leukemia for the past two years, is now in remission, marking a significant milestone in his health journey.

Despite the challenges of ongoing treatment, Caleb has found solace in playing the drums, describing it as a therapeutic outlet. “I connect with music, like emotionally,” he shared. “It’s like therapy to me.”


Recognizing Caleb’s passion for drumming, Make-A-Wish collaborated with a local music store, Drum World, to fulfill his dream of owning a professional drum set.


Mat Donaldson, the owner of Drum World, expressed the shop’s commitment to providing Caleb with something truly special. “Trying to get him something special, something really unique,” Donaldson said.


To ensure the gift was extraordinary, Drum World enlisted the support of renowned music companies. Zildjian contributed cymbals typically reserved for professional drummers, Evans supplied new drum heads, and Tama provided a custom drum kit. Drum World complemented these contributions to create a personalized and top-tier drum set for Caleb.

“We think we hit it right on the head and got exactly what he wanted,” Donaldson remarked.

Make-A-Wish emphasized the crucial role of community support in realizing their mission of granting wishes to children facing adversity. Angelica Rodriguez, a wish coordinator, highlighted the impact of local contributions, stating, “Everything that we fundraise stays in Oklahoma and serves our Oklahoma children.”

The significance of initiatives like Make-A-Wish extends beyond individual recipients like Caleb. His brother, Ben, who also faced a rare genetic disorder, benefited from a previous wish granted by Make-A-Wish, showcasing the broader positive impact on families undergoing challenging circumstances.

“There’s kids out there that, you know, are going through certain diagnoses,” Caleb reflected. “My brother was a Make-A-Wish kid, and he went to Disney World, and I know the impact that had on our family. And it’s so important for kids to have something like this in their lives, when they’re going through something like that.”

In gifting Caleb with a professional drum set, the community, alongside organizations like Make-A-Wish and Drum World, not only provided a talented young musician with a means of expression but also contributed to the broader message of resilience and support in the face of adversity.


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