Mozart & Friends Illuminate the Church of the Holy Trinity by Candlelight

by Madonna

The exquisite strains of classical music will grace the historic Church of the Holy Trinity as the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra (MSO) returns to Vicksburg for the enchanting “Mozart & Friends by Candlelight” concert. Set to take place on Sunday, January 14, at 7 pm, the concert promises an evening of musical splendor featuring flutist Amulet Strange and harpist Kristina Finch.

The program is a celebration not only of Mozart’s brilliance but also of his contemporaries. The candlelit setting will serve as a backdrop for the orchestra’s mesmerizing performance, blending the talents of seasoned musicians in a captivating showcase. The spotlight, however, will shine brightly on Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with his “Concerto for Flute and Harp” taking center stage. The masterful composition weaves the voices of the flute and harp in a harmonious dance, leaving audiences enchanted.


Accompanying Mozart’s masterpiece are other captivating works, including Franz Josef Haydn’s “Overture to Lo Speziale, Feldparthie (Divertimento),” Ignaz Pleyel’s “Symphony in D,” and a rendition of Mozart’s earlier “Symphony No. 24.” Each piece contributes to the rich tapestry of the evening, promising a musical journey that transcends time.


The concert’s soloists, Amulet Strange and Kristina Finch, bring their virtuosity to the forefront. For Strange, the principal flutist of MSO, the flute’s resonant and rich tone color is a source of joy, making it an instrument that effortlessly projects solo passages. Kristina Finch, MSO harpist, revels in the expressive capability of the harp, noting its ability to fill spaces with its resonant sound.


The collaboration between these accomplished musicians is not a newfound endeavor. Having met in the Ohio Light Opera pit orchestra during their college years, the opportunity to showcase their talents together has now come full circle. Their camaraderie is evident in their shared enthusiasm for Mozart’s concerto, a piece that allows them to explore their own interpretations within the framework of Mozart’s genius.

As the candlelight flickers, the Church of the Holy Trinity will transform into a haven for musical enchantment. Audiences are invited to immerse themselves in the spellbinding world of “Mozart & Friends by Candlelight,” where the talents of Amulet Strange, Kristina Finch, and the Mississippi Symphony Orchestra promise an evening of sublime musicality.


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