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Morecambe Resident, 90, Finds Joy in Late-Life Drumming Pursuit

by Madonna

Barbara McInnis, a spirited 90-year-old resident of Morecambe, is reveling in the joy that learning to play the drums has brought into her life. Despite beginning drumming lessons just two years ago, McInnis confesses that she has been “tapping away” since her childhood, much to the chagrin of her mother.

Reflecting on her early affinity for percussion, McInnis fondly recalled, “I used to irritate my mother as I was always tapping things.”

Her journey into formal drumming education has been nothing short of remarkable. Guiding her through this musical exploration is none other than her tutor, Chris Joyce, a former drummer for the iconic band Simply Red. Joyce, impressed by McInnis’s innate talent, dubbed her “a natural.”

McInnis’s late-life pursuit of drumming serves as a testament to the timeless nature of musical expression and the boundless potential for joy that it can bring. Her story resonates as an inspiring example of the enriching experiences that await individuals willing to embark on new adventures, regardless of age.

As Barbara McInnis continues to beat the drum of her newfound passion, her journey serves as a reminder that the pursuit of joy knows no age limits.

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