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Rugby Primary School Receives Generous Piano Donation from Benn Hall

by Madonna

Rugby, UK – Cawston Primary School is celebrating a harmonious addition to its musical repertoire, thanks to a generous donation from the Benn Hall. The renowned venue has gifted a baby grand piano to the school, providing an invaluable asset for the students and the entire school community.

The baby grand piano originally found its home at the Benn Hall shortly after the Newbold Road venue opened its doors in 1961. Built in the early 20th century by JB Cramer and Co, the instrument was in need of repair and tuning to restore its former glory.

In a commendable collaboration, Steve Droy, a professional concert piano tuner and the founder of the Piano Technology School based in Rugby since 2021, stepped in to refurbish the piano. Steve, along with students currently studying piano tuning and servicing at the school, expertly cleaned, serviced, and tuned the baby grand piano, ensuring it was in optimal condition before being donated to Cawston Primary School.

Steve expressed his gratitude, stating, “This was a great opportunity for our students to get some hands-on work experience, and we’re grateful to the Benn Hall for agreeing to let us work on the piano so it can be moved in working order. We appreciate school budgets are tight, but it’s so important for children and teachers to have access to musical instruments, which is why we thought this was a workable and affordable solution.”

Headteacher Kate Worthington of Cawston Primary School shared her excitement about rehoming the baby grand piano, stating, “Our young musicians will make the most of the opportunity to showcase their musical skills in assemblies and concerts on this fabulous instrument for years to come. We’re very grateful to the Benn Hall for donating the piano to us. It will be a wonderful Christmas present.”

Coun Adam Daly, Rugby Borough Council’s leisure and wellbeing spokesman, expressed delight at the restoration of the piano, remarking, “The piano had fallen into a state of disrepair, and we’re delighted Steve and his students at the Piano Technology School have been able to restore it and give it a new lease of life. Cawston Primary School makes for a perfect new home for the piano, and we hope it benefits both pupils and teachers for many years to come.”

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