Police Launch Investigation Into Theft of Limited-Edition Gretsch Guitar at Nashville Music Store

by Madonna

Nashville, TN – A police investigation has been initiated in response to a theft at Nashville Used & New Music, where a man strategically exchanged a high-value, limited-edition Gretsch guitar for a damaged acoustic model. The incident, captured on CCTV, has left authorities on the lookout for the suspect, while the store offers a $200 reward for any information aiding in the recovery of the stolen instrument.

The pilfered guitar, identified as a Gretsch G6229TG Players Edition Sparkle Jet in Ocean Turquoise Sparkle, holds an estimated value of $3,000. Metro Nashville Police are actively pursuing leads to apprehend the suspect involved in the guitar swap.


The surveillance footage reveals the suspect entering the store carrying a gig bag. Allegedly, he inquired about the store’s guitar tech, who was on a lunch break, and informed the staff that he would wait inside the store. Subsequently, the man replaced the Gretsch with a worn Recording King model.


Authorities suspect the involvement of an accomplice who likely served as a decoy to divert the attention of the store staff. The timing of the incident suggests meticulous planning on the part of the thieves.


Store manager Ryan Shrader expressed his disappointment in a statement to US-based news channel WSMV, saying, “I felt like it was a pretty brazen move, but I was not too surprised. These days there is not a whole lot that surprises me. It’s disappointing, these things do happen.”

Shrader, who remains hopeful about recovery, stated, “Around 80 percent of the time we are able to stop these things or at least recover the items for the original owner. It’s kind of part of the territory. I will say they seem to get more and more creative over the years, more savvy about techniques.”

As the investigation unfolds, Nashville authorities are urging anyone with information about the incident or the whereabouts of the stolen Gretsch guitar to come forward. The store’s $200 reward serves as an incentive for the community to assist in the recovery efforts.


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