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Musicians Navigate Post-COVID Challenges: A Glimpse into the Unvarnished Reality

by Madonna

The resumption of activities in the music industry post-COVID has shed light on the less glamorous and often precarious lives of musicians, as exemplified by freelance trumpeter Rebecca Toal. Having played the trumpet since the tender age of 7, Toal’s skillful performances belie the challenges she faces.

To sustain herself, like many fellow artists, Toal juggles a second job, teaching music. Her experience mirrors a broader narrative within the UK music industry, where around 30 percent of nearly 6,000 surveyed musicians report low mental well-being. The stress of financial instability and the relentless pursuit of opportunities take a toll on artists like Toal, impacting their ability to perform optimally.

Joe Hastings, the head of support line Music Minds Matter, reveals that nearly half of professional musicians earn less than £14,000 annually, with one in four contemplating leaving the industry within five years. The potential exodus raises concerns about diluting the rich musical history and creativity that the UK is known for.

While the British government claims to invest millions in initiatives supporting grassroots music and aiding musicians in breaking into international markets, the reality remains challenging. Chris Walters from the UK musicians trade union urges the government to recognize the immense value of the music industry and consider the impact of low pay and precarious lifestyles on musicians’ ability to contribute to the nation’s musical legacy.

Australia, too, grapples with similar issues. Clive Miller, CEO of Support Act, which provides crisis relief to music workers, notes a significant increase in crisis relief grants and a 46 percent rise in calls to the helpline, signaling the industry’s struggles. Despite promises from Australia’s leaders to support music artists through initiatives like the Creative Australia strategy, musicians continue to face uncertainties.

Arts Minister Tony Burke highlights efforts to create a more responsive system, emphasizing the commercial world’s distinct nature. However, challenges persist, prompting calls for public support and understanding of the often unseen struggles behind the glitzy façade of the music industry.

The unglamorous reality, heightened by financial insecurities, psychological distress, and the pressures of life on tour, underscores the need for a concerted effort to support musicians and all those who contribute to the vibrant world of music. As the industry grapples with a changing landscape, a collective commitment to understanding and championing the well-being of artists becomes paramount.

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