Colette Michaan’s ‘Earth Rebirth’: A Dazzling Showcase of Latin Jazz Flute Mastery

by Madonna

Renowned musician Colette Michaan unveils her latest musical masterpiece, “Earth Rebirth,” a captivating Latin Jazz album that spotlights her exceptional flute work. As a first-generation American with Egyptian-Syrian heritage, Michaan seamlessly weaves influences from a diverse tapestry of world music traditions, drawing inspiration from North and West Africa, Cuba, Southeast Asia, and the Americas. Collaborating with skilled Hispanic musicians hailing from the Caribbean and South America, Michaan enriches the project with stellar rhythmic support and exquisite piano accompaniment.

Michaan’s musical journey traces back to her youth when, at the age of 12, she was captivated by an Eric Dolphy flute solo on the radio. This moment ignited a lifelong passion for the instrument, and Michaan immersed herself in the works of jazz and Latin flute luminaries, including Eric Dolphy, James Moody, and Hubert Laws. Her formative experiences at the Village Vanguard during the late 1970s significantly shaped her musical education, and in the mid-1980s, she fell in love with the Cuban traditions of son and charanga.


Having graced the stage since the late 1970s, Michaan boasts an extensive international career, performing with her band and collaborating with notable artists. In addition to her solo endeavors, she has contributed to albums alongside acclaimed musicians such as Harry Whitaker, Kaissa, and Richard Bona. Michaan’s approach to recording is a blend of original compositions and classic pieces, driven by her commitment to creating beauty infused with emotion and passion.


Her multicultural background and extensive travels have expanded her musical palette, with experiences playing alongside musicians in diverse regions, including Northern Thailand, Sumatra, Borneo, India, Indonesia, Senegal, Morocco, the West Indies, and Cuba. Michaan emphasizes the transformative power of the arts to transcend borders, fostering connections among people through the universal language of music.


Michaan’s magnetic presence has left an indelible mark on global festivals and venues, from the Jazz Yatra Festival in India to the St. Louis Jazz Festival in Senegal, the Cairo Jazz Club in Egypt, and performances in Morocco, California, and more. Locally in New York City, she has graced renowned establishments like the Village Vanguard, SOB’s, Gonzalez and Gonzalez, and various other clubs.

Beyond her performance prowess, Michaan is committed to music education, having served as an adjunct faculty member at the New School in New York City from 1999 to 2002, further contributing to the enrichment of aspiring musicians.


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