John Legend’s 6-Month-Old Son, Wren, Displays Early Musical Talent in Heartwarming Christmas Moment

by Madonna

Renowned musician and The Voice coach, John Legend, shared a delightful Christmas moment on social media, revealing that his 6-month-old son, Wren, is already following in his musical footsteps.

In a heartwarming snapshot, Legend and his adorable mini-me, Wren, were captured playing the piano together. The image portrayed Legend wrapped up in winter attire, cradling Wren on his lap as the little one curiously pressed keys on the piano. The sweetness of the scene was accentuated by Wren’s genuine interest in the instrument.


The carousel of pictures that followed showcased moments with Legend’s wife, Chrissy Teigen, and affectionate interactions with his other children, 7-year-old Luna and 5-year-old Miles. Additional glimpses into their New York City holiday featured the kids joyfully playing outdoors.


Captioning the post, Legend affectionately referred to them as his “Christmas crew.”


Wren’s budding affinity for the piano echoes a similar connection observed with Legend’s 11-month-old daughter, Esti. In a heartwarming clip shared, Legend serenaded and played the piano for Esti, who, held by Teigen, expressed her joy by kicking her feet.

Wren, born in June 2023 via surrogate Alexandra, has already made a mark in the Legend-Teigen household. Crowned the “Cutest Baby of 2023” by People, Wren has showcased his love for food in a playful video where Teigen fed him mashed sweet potatoes, capturing the messy yet delightful adventure.

Teigen, in announcing Wren’s arrival, shared the significance behind his name. Wren’s middle name, Alexander, pays homage to the surrogate, Alexandra, described by Teigen as “the most incredible, compassionate surrogate we could ever imagine.”

As the Legend family continues to share these precious moments, it’s evident that Wren is not just living his best life but also enriching the family’s musical legacy.


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