Guitar Enthusiasts Rejoice: Unconventional Christmas Songs That Resonate

by Madonna

As the holiday season approaches, the airwaves are filled with familiar Christmas tunes, often delivered by the likes of Michael Bublé or Mariah Carey. While these classics hold a special place, some may find solace in the realm of guitar-centric Christmas songs that offer a fresh take on the festive season. Here are three distinctive tracks that not only showcase exceptional guitar work but also provide a unique twist to the holiday spirit.

Bad Religion – Little Drummer Boy

Bad Religion’s punk-infused rendition of the classic “Little Drummer Boy” stands out as a rebellious take on traditional holiday songs. With a staccato riff that injects an upbeat energy from the opening notes, the guitars seamlessly synchronize with the drums, creating a rhythmic bounce reminiscent of the original tune. While the album features religious hymns, the band’s tongue-in-cheek approach adds a layer of humor to the celebration of Christmas tunes.


The Killers – Dirt Sledding

Among The Killers’ charity fundraiser Christmas songs, “Dirt Sledding” emerges as a standout with its infectious energy and exceptional guitar work. Featuring an ear-catching pentatonic solo, the song pays homage to the legendary Chuck Berry’s “Run Rudolph Run.” Beyond the solo, the track boasts dynamic changes, multiple bridges, and a spirited swing that transforms it into a holiday classic. The band’s commitment to musicality elevates these Christmas tracks beyond mere seasonal novelties.


Barenaked Ladies – Footprints

Closing the list is a mellow yet impressive track from Barenaked Ladies’ Christmas album. “Footprints” offers a creative departure from conventional holiday tunes with its jazzy undertones and melodic guitar lines. The interplay between clean guitar and piano, along with a call-and-response structure, adds depth to the song. Perfect for a quiet winter night, “Footprints” showcases the band’s prowess in delivering a refreshing take on Christmas/Hanukkah songs, complete with a special piano and guitar intertwined solo.


These guitar-centric Christmas songs, each with its unique flair, provide a welcome alternative to the traditional holiday playlist. Whether you seek a punk-inspired twist, a dynamic rock anthem, or a mellow escape, these tracks deliver an exciting musical journey that resonates far beyond the festive season.


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