Kevin Costner Spotted Acquiring High-End Guitar Amidst Jewel Romance Speculations

by Madonna

In the midst of swirling rumors about a budding romance with musician Jewel, Kevin Costner was recently spotted engaging in possible last-minute Christmas shopping, acquiring a high-end guitar in Los Angeles.

The “Yellowstone” star was captured leaving a local Guitar Center, donned in a black quarter-zip, light wash jeans, and dark sunglasses. Notably, he left the store with a guitar stand, while an employee carried out a sizable Martin & Co. guitar box, placing it carefully in the trunk of Costner’s car.

During this Christmas Eve outing, the 68-year-old actor took a moment to interact with a fan, posing for a photo outside the music store. This sighting follows reports of Costner’s rumored relationship with singer Jewel, which surfaced after his divorce from Christine Baumgartner, his wife of 18 years.

Sources suggest that the actor and the Grammy-winning artist are enjoying each other’s company but are not in a serious relationship. Despite the casual nature of their connection, the source notes that Jewel appears to have a newfound light and positivity.

Jewel, 49, previously experienced a split from long-time partner Ty Murray in 2014. The public became aware of Costner and Jewel’s romantic involvement when TMZ captured them sharing intimate moments during a trip to the British Virgin Islands for the Inspiring Children Foundation.

The eyewitness account from the trip revealed that, although the pair attempted discretion, their interactions hinted at something more. Costner’s divorce from his ex-wife, Christine Baumgartner, had been a headline-making affair, finally settling a month before his excursion with Jewel to the Virgin Islands.

The purpose behind Costner’s purchase of the high-end guitar on Christmas Eve remains unclear. While Jewel is known for her proficiency as a guitar player, Costner, too, has a notable music career. He is a member of the country rock band Kevin Costner & Modern West and has contributed original songs for his character in the popular series “Yellowstone,” with these songs featured in Season 3 of the acclaimed drama.

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