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Talented Shipston Musician Secures Coveted Spot with National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain

by Madonna

In a remarkable achievement, Alex Jeffrey, the accomplished solo trombone player for Shipston Town Band, has earned a coveted place in the esteemed National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain.

Alex, who commenced his trombone journey at the age of 11, is set to participate in the upcoming Easter course where he will have the privilege of collaborating with some of the most exceptional young talents and receiving guidance from accomplished musicians. The week-long residential program, hosted at Taunton School, will culminate in two prestigious concerts. The first is scheduled at the Welsh College of Music and Drama on April 6th, followed by another in Liverpool on April 13th.

Currently a student at King Edward VI School in Stratford, Alex actively engages in various musical groups, showcasing his passion and dedication to his craft. Apart from his role in Shipston Town Band, he is also a member of Trombones Together, a trombone quartet.

Alex joins the ranks of illustrious former Shipston Town Band members who have successfully transitioned to the national stage. Notable alumni include Kirsty Abbotts and Luke Barker, two of Britain’s leading cornet players, as well as percussionists Francesca Lombardelli and Alec Banner.

This accomplishment marks a significant milestone in Alex’s musical journey, reflecting not only his personal dedication but also the nurturing environment provided by Shipston Town Band. As he prepares to embark on this exciting opportunity, the community eagerly anticipates witnessing his talent shine on the national stage.

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