Brainerd High School Senior Garners Acclaim in Fine Arts for Musical Excellence

by Madonna

Hannah Moddes, a 17-year-old senior at Brainerd High School, has been recognized as the Fine Arts Student of the Week for her exceptional contributions to the world of music. Specializing in the Wind Symphony, Hannah has demonstrated her prowess as a flute and tenor saxophone player.

Adviser Chris Fogderud, impressed by Hannah’s outstanding musical abilities, nominated her for this accolade. Hannah’s role as a senior flute/piccolo player in BHS Wind Symphony and a tenor saxophonist in BHS Jazz Ensemble I has earned her admiration from both peers and mentors. Notably, she secured a coveted spot in the Massachusetts Music Educators Association (MMEA) All-State Band through a competitive audition process.


Fogderud commended Hannah for her excellent musicianship and leadership skills, which have significantly enriched the musical experience for her fellow ensemble members. He expressed gratitude for her consistent contributions, highlighting her instrumental role in the success of various musical endeavors.


One of Hannah’s notable achievements includes securing superior rankings for two consecutive years, with hopes of achieving a third. Her dedication to musical excellence is evident in her favorite piece performed, Telemann’s “Cantabile et Presto,” showcasing her affinity for challenging and beautiful compositions from the Romantic era, particularly those by French composers.


When asked about her favorite instrument, Hannah enthusiastically shared her love for the flute. She described the instrument as presenting a constant challenge, a challenge she relishes overcoming. The supportive community surrounding her musical journey, even during moments of self-doubt, reinforces her passion for the flute.

Beyond her musical pursuits, Hannah serves as the President of Brainerd High School Key Club, showcasing her commitment to leadership and community engagement. Looking towards the future, her dream job involves playing in the esteemed Minnesota Orchestra.

In a glimpse into her personal preferences, Hannah revealed “Ratatouille” as her favorite movie, “The Good Place” as her preferred TV show, and “American Psycho” by Bret Easton Ellis as her favorite book. Her musical tastes range from Taylor Swift as her favorite artist to the soulful “Would That I” by Hozier as her favorite song.

With a penchant for pasta, Hannah also enjoys hobbies such as reading and painting, demonstrating a well-rounded approach to her interests beyond the realm of music.

Hannah Moddes, the daughter of Daniel Moddes and Megan Kortegan Korte, stands as a shining example of the musical talent and dedication present in Brainerd High School’s Fine Arts program. As she aspires to join the Minnesota Orchestra, her journey in the world of fine arts continues to inspire her peers and educators alike.


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