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Cobra Spell Unleashes the Rhythm in “The Devil Inside Of Me” Drum Playthrough

by Madonna

Glam metal sensation Cobra Spell has set the stage ablaze with their scorching debut album, “666,” a testament to the undeniable talent of this fierce unit. Ready to make their mark on the global rock scene, these ladies are poised to captivate audiences worldwide with a spellbinding performance that will resonate long after the last chord is struck.

The latest offering, “The Devil Inside Of Me,” is a drum playthrough that showcases the rhythmic prowess of Cobra Spell. With a hunger for rebellion and an unyielding desire to break free from societal constraints, this glam metal outfit is set to redefine norms and challenge limitations imposed on women in the music industry.

Speaking about their groundbreaking album, “666,” Cobra Spell declares, “Unleash the power of our upcoming album, ‘666’ – an album that defines convention and rebels against the limitations imposed on us, women. This is a sonic journey that embraces the devil’s number as a symbol of personal autonomy and freedom. ‘666’ is not just music; it’s an act of rebellion against gender inequality, a scream for freedom of expression, and a fight to destigmatize sexual expression for women. Join us in this unapologetic quest for equality and empowerment.”

Cobra Spell’s electrifying energy and commitment to breaking barriers make them a force to be reckoned with. As they embark on a global takeover, their music promises not just entertainment but a powerful message of rebellion, equality, and empowerment. Stay tuned as Cobra Spell continues to cast their enchanting musical spell across stages worldwide.

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