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Jo Brand and Tom Allen Set to Deliver Festive Rendition of “Fairytale Of New York” in The Piano Special

by Madonna

Comedians Jo Brand and Tom Allen are gearing up to spread holiday cheer in the Christmas edition of Channel 4’s musical competition, The Piano, with their rendition of The Pogues’ classic “Fairytale Of New York.”

In a teaser clip for the upcoming festive special, Tom Allen, sporting a red velvet jacket, takes to the piano, engaging in a duet with Jo Brand amidst the bustling London King’s Cross station. The iconic song, originally performed by the late Kirsty MacColl and Shane MacGowan, is a gritty and festive anthem that has become a Christmas staple.

The teaser showcases Allen channeling his inner MacGowan, delivering a spirited performance behind the piano. Jo Brand, adorned in a vibrant checked jacket and fur-lined hat, takes on MacColl’s lines. As they perform, a captivated crowd gathers to watch, with judges Mika and Lang Lang observing the lively rendition on a monitor.

Expressing her admiration for the song, Jo Brand reflects, “I love the song, The Pogues and Kirsty MacColl, who is sadly missed. I think Shane MacGowan was a genius and a poet, and even the most innocuous-seeming lines are loaded with emotion.” Allen adds, “Fairytale Of New York has always been my favorite Christmas song. A whimsical, poignant folk song and a rousing, ridiculous argument – what could be more festive.”

The Pogues’ classic played a prominent role in Shane MacGowan’s funeral ceremony earlier this month, attended by notable figures like Johnny Depp and Bono. The Christmas edition of The Piano, airing on Christmas Day, will be hosted by Claudia Winkleman. Pianists from the first series will perform their favorite Christmas songs, and the episode will feature secret Santa moments, culminating in a heartfelt performance by winner Lucy Illingworth alongside Grammy-winning artist Gregory Porter. The grand finale will be led by Mika and Lang Lang.

Tune in to Channel 4 on Christmas Day for the festive episode of The Piano At Christmas.

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