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Fernando Trueba Explores Bossa Nova and Political Turmoil in “They Shot the Piano Player”

by Madonna

In a seamless fusion of music, history, and animated storytelling, veteran Spanish filmmaker Fernando Trueba unveils “They Shot the Piano Player.” This animated documentary delves into the tragic case of Brazilian pianist Francisco Tenório Júnior, offering a unique lens through which to explore the repercussions of authoritarianism and the allure of bossa nova.

A self-professed melomaniac, Trueba’s journey into the world of Brazilian music, specifically the bossa nova style of samba, was ignited by his wife and producer Cristina Huete, a native of Brazil. The film, released in 2023, comes on the heels of Trueba’s critically acclaimed debut solo album, “Black Classical Music,” marking a year of artistic triumph.

The documentary unfolds as Trueba recounts his discovery of Tenório’s talent through an album featuring revered artists such as Paulo Moura and Raul de Souza. Intrigued by the unknown pianist, Trueba embarked on a meticulous investigation, traveling across Brazil between 2005 and 2007 to interview key figures in the country’s music scene who had crossed paths with Tenório.

Initially contemplating a conventional documentary, Trueba shifted his approach after working on the Oscar-nominated animated romance “Chico & Rita.” Convinced that animation could breathe new life into Tenório’s story, Trueba chose a blend of historical facts and creative invention, introducing a fictional New York-based writer, Jeff Harris, as his alter ego.

The film seamlessly weaves between the present-day interviews and animated segments depicting Tenório’s life, with two distinct visual styles distinguishing between reality and memory. The decision to use animation aimed at forging a more direct emotional connection with Tenório’s music, avoiding the limitations of live-action portrayals.

Jeff Goldblum, Trueba’s first and only choice, lends his voice to the protagonist, Jeff Harris, providing a unique blend of originality and unpredictability. The collaboration is a reunion after over 30 years, showcasing Goldblum’s versatility as an actor and musician.

“They Shot the Piano Player” stands as a testament to Trueba and his co-director Javier Mariscal’s commitment to expanding the language of animated storytelling. With technology advancements since their last collaboration on “Chico & Rita,” the directors embraced new tools for real-time collaboration and a dual visual style that heightens the film’s emotional resonance.

For Trueba, both animated films share a common thread—music is not a mere embellishment but an integral part of the narrative. The soundtrack becomes a storytelling device, seamlessly intertwined with the screenplay.

Immersed in Tenório’s world through interviews and animated recreations, Trueba developed an intimate connection with the late pianist. As the film’s protagonist expresses a sense of camaraderie with Tenório, Trueba acknowledges that, in essence, it is his voice resonating through the character—an unspoken bond forged through the exploration of music, loss, and political turmoil.

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