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Fortnite Festival to Introduce Guitar Controller Support in January, Hinting at a Potential Rock Band Resurgence

by Madonna

Excitement is brewing among Fortnite enthusiasts as peripheral manufacturer PDP hints at the release of a guitar controller for the recently launched Fortnite Festival. This development, anticipated for early next year, raises the prospect of a full-blown Rock Band revival within the popular battle royale game.

PDP took to Twitter to share their plans, stating, “Rock on this January.” The post featured emojis depicting a tent, a moon (clearly referencing Fortnite), and symbols of music, a guitar, and a controller. The tease suggests an immersive experience for players who seek to elevate their Fortnite Festival gameplay with instrument controllers.

Although Fortnite Festival did not initially include support for instrument controllers upon its release, Epic Games, the game’s publisher, confirmed to IGN that integrating this feature is a top priority. The development team is actively working on incorporating instrument controller support in the near future.

In an interview with IGN, Epic EVP Saxs Persson and Harmonix studio director Alex Rigopulos shared exciting news for fans eager to relive the glory days of games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Rigopulos stated, “Not at launch, but it’s very much a priority for us to support instrument peripherals in the game. It’s something that we’re actually already actively working on. We don’t have anything specific to say about it yet, other than it’s coming.”

As the gaming community eagerly anticipates this upcoming feature, the addition of instrument controller support to Fortnite Festival could mark a significant moment in the resurgence of music-based gaming experiences within the realm of battle royale. Players can look forward to immersing themselves in the virtual world of Fortnite with the added thrill of rocking out with a dedicated guitar controller in hand.

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