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Mick Fleetwood Reflects on the “Stupidly Simple” Drum Part in Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’

by Madonna

Renowned for his steadfast dedication to serving the song, Mick Fleetwood, the iconic drummer of Fleetwood Mac, has always eschewed flashy drumming in favor of providing a rhythmic foundation that breathes life into the band’s diverse catalog. Even as the lineup underwent changes, Fleetwood remained the beating heart of the group, ensuring a precise pulse while skillfully accentuating pivotal moments.

During the band’s blues-dominated era with Peter Green, Fleetwood aimed to outshine every blues act. Hits like ‘Oh Well’ and the mesmerizing ‘Albatross’ catapulted Fleetwood Mac to the forefront of the blues scene. However, Fleetwood acknowledged that not every beat he laid down was intricate.

Transitioning through lineup changes, Fleetwood’s enduring presence was evident, with Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joining after the departure of Bob Welch. This new constellation propelled Fleetwood Mac to unprecedented success, marked by hits such as ‘Rhiannon’ and ‘Say You Love Me,’ culminating in the creation of the timeless album ‘Rumours.’

Reflecting on the recording process of ‘Dreams,’ a composition by Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood admitted to MusicRadar that the drum intro, which he deemed “stupidly simple,” drew inspiration from his love of ‘greasy music.’ Despite its simplicity, Fleetwood believed the intro, influenced by drummers from Al Green and The Staple Singers, possessed a unique feel that was well-thought-out.

Nicks’s composition, ‘Dreams,’ served as an optimistic commentary on her failed relationship with Buckingham. Fleetwood’s understated drumming, characterized by a gentle pulse, provided a foundational backdrop to the poignant lyrics. Despite considering his performance rudimentary, Fleetwood’s drumming on ‘Dreams’ showcased his ability to infuse even the most straightforward beats with depth and emotion.

Beyond ‘Dreams,’ Fleetwood’s drumming prowess reached new heights on tracks like ‘The Chain,’ contributing to the band’s musical legacy. His role in shaping the band’s sound paved the way for more adventurous percussion on subsequent albums, exemplified by the experimental approach on ‘Tusk.’

In essence, while ‘Dreams’ may not showcase Fleetwood’s most complex drumming, his performance stands as a testament to the art of elevating fundamental rhythms to create enduring musical moments.

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