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15-Year-Old Violin Prodigy, Rylan Post, Appointed Concertmaster for Mariposa Yosemite Symphony Orchestra

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MARIPOSA COUNTY, Calif. — In a remarkable achievement, 15-year-old violinist Rylan Post has been appointed as the Concertmaster for the Mariposa Yosemite Symphony Orchestra (MYSO), marking a significant milestone in the orchestra’s 21-year history. Conductor Les Marsden announced this prestigious appointment, emphasizing Rylan’s exceptional artistic maturity, technique, and tone quality.

The Concertmaster, considered second in command after the conductor, plays a pivotal role in leading the entire string section. Les Marsden expressed his admiration for Rylan’s musical prowess, stating, “I was astounded by Rylan’s artistic maturity, technique and tone quality from the moment I first heard him.”

Rylan’s journey with the violin began at the tender age of three, and by the age of 14, he joined the ranks of MYSO. When the position of Concertmaster became vacant due to the temporary departure of Sally Martinez, Rylan took on the role of Acting Concertmaster. His exceptional performance during this period led to his permanent appointment as the Concertmaster, succeeding Sally Martinez, who became the Superintendent of Hawai’i’s Honouliuli National Historic Site.

Expressing gratitude for the opportunity, Rylan said, “I’d like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Les for giving me this opportunity, and to the members of MYSO for welcoming me with open arms. I am truly honored to be the concertmaster of MYSO and look forward with enthusiasm to spreading beautiful music throughout this beautiful region.”

Born in Merced to an immigrant mother from Japan, Rylan not only balances the demands of being a junior in high school but also pursues his third year of college courses at Merced College. In a touching college course paper, he hailed his mother as his biggest inspiration, recognizing her unwavering support.

Rylan’s musical journey extends beyond MYSO; he has been the Concertmaster for the Merced Union High School since the age of 9, a rare feat for a group comprised solely of high school students. Additionally, he has served as Concertmaster for the Modesto Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Beyond his musical pursuits, Rylan finds joy in playing video games with friends and caring for his two shelter-rescued Chihuahuas, Jake and Teddy. Audiences can witness Rylan’s exceptional talent as he performs solos as Concertmaster at the upcoming one-night-only annual concert on December 16th, hosted at the First Baptist Church in Mariposa. The concert promises to be a celebration of Rylan’s prodigious talent and the captivating magic of symphonic music.

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