Enchanting Flute Virtuoso Brandon Patrick George Takes Center Stage with the Elgin Symphony Orchestra

by Madonna

ELGIN, Ill. — Prepare to be spellbound as the Elgin Symphony Orchestra presents a series of concerts featuring the mesmerizing talents of flute virtuoso Brandon Patrick George. The distinguished artist will take the spotlight in Ibert’s enchanting flute concerto, a masterpiece that promises to transport audiences to new musical heights.

Accompanying this extraordinary performance are two other musical gems, Schubert’s Symphony No. 8, famously known as the ‘Unfinished,’ and Hindemith’s Symphonic Metamorphosis. The seamless interplay of these compositions is set to create a symphonic journey that captivates the soul.


Join us for this musical spectacle on Saturday, January 13, and Sunday, January 14, at the Hemmens Cultural Center, an iconic venue synonymous with artistic excellence.


Event Details:

Date: Saturday, Jan. 13 & Sunday, Jan. 14, 2024


Time: Saturday – 07:30 PM – 09:00 PM; Sunday – 02:30 PM – 04:00 PM

Venue: Hemmens Cultural Center

Ticket Pricing:

Gold: $65

Red: $40

Green: $20

Student Tickets: $10

Youth (17 and under): Free with an accompanying adult

Every week leading up to January 14, 2024, marks an opportunity to witness this extraordinary musical experience. Secure your tickets now to be part of an unforgettable weekend filled with the magic of live orchestral performances. Don’t miss the chance to witness the artistry of Brandon Patrick George and the Elgin Symphony Orchestra in this enchanting celebration of classical music.


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