A Symphony of Betrayal: How a Clarinet Player’s College Girlfriend Attempted to Derail His Career

by Madonna

In the intricate and competitive world of professional classical music, camaraderie among musicians often takes center stage. However, the pursuit of a limited number of coveted positions can transform that camaraderie into a fierce competition where the stakes are high and opportunities are scarce.

For clarinetist Eric Abramovitz, this harsh reality became evident during his audition for the Colburn Conservatory of Music in 2013, an esteemed institution in Los Angeles. The audition represented a golden ticket to a full ride and the chance to study under one of the most renowned clarinet teachers globally, offering Abramovitz a fast track to a career he might not otherwise afford.


Motivated by his then-girlfriend, a fellow musician specializing in the flute, Abramovitz dedicated countless hours to perfecting his skills for the 15-minute audition that could shape his future. The competitive nature of the field meant that every note, every scale, and every nuance mattered in securing that lone open spot.


However, despite Abramovitz’s meticulous preparation, his dreams were shattered. Unraveling the mystery of what went wrong, he discovered that his path to success came with an unexpected and deeply personal price tag.


In a shocking turn of events, Abramovitz realized that his girlfriend had not only been a source of encouragement but also the orchestrator of his downfall. She had intercepted and deleted a crucial email, an acceptance letter from the prestigious clarinet teacher, leading Abramovitz to believe he hadn’t made the cut.

The deception went even further. His girlfriend concocted a fictional rejection email, leaving Abramovitz heartbroken and unaware of the betrayal. It wasn’t until two years later, when he applied for another opportunity with the same teacher, that the truth emerged. Confronted with the reality of his girlfriend’s sabotage, Abramovitz faced not only the professional setback but also the emotional toll of a relationship built on deception.

The tale of Eric Abramovitz serves as a poignant reminder of the cutthroat nature of the classical music world and the unexpected challenges one may encounter on the path to success.


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