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‘Clazzy Christmas’ Debuts First-Ever Orchestra at Temple Theatre

by Madonna

In a historic event, the Temple Theatre is set to host its inaugural orchestra performance with “A Clazzy Christmas” on December 10th at 3 p.m. The much-anticipated concert will feature Janet Scott, a passionate advocate for classical music and a skilled oboist with a rich musical journey.

Hailing from Tennessee, Janet Scott’s musical odyssey began in her childhood when she first embraced the oboe. Her affinity for classical tunes led her to the high school band, and she continued to hone her skills in college, ultimately earning a Masters Degree in the oboe. Recognized as a challenging instrument within the woodwind family, the oboe has been a constant companion throughout Scott’s life, opening doors to adventures, friendships, and cherished memories.

“A Clazzy Christmas” promises to be a celebration of Scott’s extraordinary musical voyage, bringing together a collective of talented musicians. The orchestra, under Scott’s guidance, will enchant the audience with a blend of classical melodies and festive Christmas tunes. This event not only marks a significant milestone for the Temple Theatre but also showcases the dedication and passion of musicians like Janet Scott.

As the curtains rise on December 10th, attendees can expect an immersive experience that transcends musical boundaries. Janet Scott and her fellow musicians will transport the audience through a symphony of emotions, creating lasting memories for all in attendance. “A Clazzy Christmas” is poised to become a cherished annual tradition, uniting the community in the joyous spirit of music during the holiday season.

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