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From Garage Sale to Cooperstown: The Legacy of Cleveland’s John Adams and His Hall of Fame Drum

by Madonna

COOPERSTOWN, N.Y. — In a heartwarming tribute to a dedicated baseball fan, John Adams’ cherished drum, which echoed through Cleveland’s stadiums for nearly half a century, has found its place at the hallowed grounds of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

The story of this extraordinary drum began in the early ’70s when John, an avid Indians fan, stumbled upon it at a garage sale. Little did he know that this Ludwig-model single-tension bass drum, possibly crafted in the 1930s, would become an integral part of his life and baseball history.

The distinctive drumming from the bleachers began on August 24, 1973, when John, armed with a mallet and a passion for energizing the crowd, entered Municipal Stadium. Even though the police questioned his intentions, this marked the beginning of a tradition that would endure for almost 4,000 Cleveland baseball games.

The drum, an inseparable companion to John until his final days, recently found a new home on the third floor of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Nestled among bats, gloves, and uniform tops, the 26-inch bass drum stands as a symbol of one fan’s unwavering dedication.

As part of the Your Team Today corridor, visitors from around the world can now witness the legacy of John Adams and his beloved drum. The exhibit showcases the drum’s journey from the bleachers to Cooperstown, paying homage to a fan who embodied the true spirit of being a baseball enthusiast.

John’s commitment to his drum went beyond its musical contributions. He could have upgraded to a better model, but his loyalty to this particular drum, acquired for $25 at a garage sale, remained steadfast. Crafted in an era marked by the Great Depression, the drum became a conduit for John’s passion and a source of joy for countless baseball fans.

The drum’s importance transcended its role as a musical instrument; it became a symbol of unity, creating an atmosphere that transformed an empty ballpark into a vibrant space filled with the sounds of enthusiastic fans.

In 2013, during his retirement tour, John’s influence reached even the opposing teams, as Yankees closer Mariano Rivera requested to meet him and tap the iconic drum. A decade later, both John Adams and Mariano Rivera are honored in the illustrious halls of Cooperstown.

Back in Cleveland, the Guardians plan to unveil the “John Adams Bleachers” at Progressive Field in April, ensuring that his legacy lives on in the hearts of the fans and the annals of baseball history. John Adams may have had a bird’s-eye view of the field, but his impact on the game and the community is now forever enshrined in the echoes of his drum at the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

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